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Katherine: I don't want to be famous in real life

Updated: Apr 19

"Oh I should've told you I'm a vegan."

"When I’m dating, guys always love asking this question: ‘Oh, so you are a vegan? Oh well, if there is a bunny, with a broken leg, hopping in front of you, on a deserted island, and there is no food. Will you eat it?’

I’m like, ‘When would I be in that situation? Why is this remotely relevant?’

That is stupid."

"My name is Katherine, from Virginia. I went to the midwest Indiana for college, majored in advertising, hated it. So I got out and started to do acting. I am also a vegan.

It all came back to Daisy, the potbelly pig visited my elementary school. I thought he was super super cute. And then I realized that’s what I’ve been eating."

"I really love animals, and I am fine without them. I really don’t have to eat them. It’s also good for the environment. So why not.

So I stopped eating everything that is animals except for chicken when I was 12. Because my mom wouldn’t let me stop eating like everything, plus burger is part of my favorite thing. When I got into college and got more free arrange on what I eat, I stopped eating chicken, too. 

I first went on vegan in my sophomore year, and stopped eating everything that comes from animals, including dairy, eggs, and honey."

"I didn’t notice anything during the transition, because I’ve always had a fairly balanced style, and it was like a gradual shift for me. But some people are sleepy all the time, because you need vitamins. You gotta eat what you get, but generally speaking, if you do your research first, it’s pretty easy.    

I don’t like identifying being a vegan, because people generally have issues with it. I try to slip it in so people would know. For example, people will bake me something for my birthday and I was like, ‘Oh, I should have told you that I am vegan.’"

"I don’t like talking to people about it all the time because people are like ‘yeah, ok, you are vegan. It’s so annoying.’ I only talk to people about it if they ask me because you know that they are actually going to listen, at least for the most part, people don’t respond or they are just like ‘I would love to do it, but I just love cheese so much.’

I get it and I respect that, so I don’t want to cross that line. But if people ask me about it, or when it feels like an invitation to talk, I’d love to share this passion.” 

“Because it’s so important for the environment. A lot of food and energy has to be used to raise animals. I know there’s a documentary talking about how people cut off a large area of the Amazon rainforest just to get more land to plant food for pigs. So choosing to be vegan helps with the environment.

I want us to take care of the earth so that we can still live here. I don’t know if we are technically destroying the earth, or we are just making it so hard that we cannot live on earth.

The earth is going to be fine. The earth is going to be here. There are going to be other things that adapt to live on it. It just humans. We’re just wiping ourselves out. “

"When I make a bigger name for myself in my art,

I would let more people know my philosophies using the platform."

"My art is acting.

It’s the only thing I love. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. 

I did it in high school a lot and took one of the film classes. I screwed up in an audition, so I didn’t get into the acting programs I applied. I was like ‘this is never gonna happen and I have to take something else.’"

"I took some classes in Indiana studied advertising, did some really horrible projects, hated this major, and went back to acting. Me and my best friend would drive up to Chicago once a week and take classes from an acting program. That was fun.

I finally got the chance to be in two semi-big movies. One of them is going to be on Netflix this September. It was a supporting role, like a high school best friend. Now at least I can show people around that I am not just this person like fooling around with short films and commercials. "

"My family’s attitude to my acting actually helps me to know that I am actually good at what I’m doing, because there’s no way they would encourage me as much as the way they do now. 

My mom once told me this, ‘if you were not good, I would not actually believe in what you were doing. I would probably be starting to talk about ‘have you ever thought about grad school?’, or ‘you may want to try something out?’

I guess I am good enough that they are comfortable enough letting me do it. And I make enough money doing that."

"Before I came to LA, I was a big fish in a small pond. So I need to go somewhere where the big roles would go. 

I came to LA couple of months ago. It’s got all the work. Out here, people are constantly casting for stuff, so I have a better chance of getting -- yes, there is a higher competition, but all I have to do is to get in front of the right person at the right time. And I can do it. Worst comes to worst, after three years, I would have to go back."

"I like living in LA, because you can find a lot of vegan places. I grew up in Virginia. It was ok, and we have some vegan choices. But in Indiana it’s too conservative. It’s hard to find restaurants for vegans and you don’t want to talk to people about it.

So my plan is to stay in LA and get all the opportunities I can, make a bigger name for myself in acting, and use my name and influence to advocate for things I believe in.  "

"You know Megan Fox, right? The actress from the Transformers. She’s like a sex symbol and icon but she hated all that she is known for. So recently, she started doing a travel show that she hosts for archaeological digging. That is so cool.

I would love to get to a point of major success and choose my own projects to do actual things for change. I would plug in with some vegan activists, get in touch with farm animals alliance, and make some PSA videos.

I don’t want to be big enough that everybody will click on the video only because it’s me, but what I would like to do is to have a niche of people that follow and will do it, so that I would have enough base with people doing something like that would actually matters."

"But I don’t want to be famous because that does not sound fun!

Working, that’s what I want. I wanna work, but I also like normal life. I don’t want to be known in real life, like walking down the street like a celebrity. I would hate to be one of those people that cannot even do grocery shopping. I mean maybe one person coming up to me once in a while would be ok.

My ideal is that when you’re walking on the street, you see someone. You don’t really recognize them, but you have them in your back of your mind -- they look kind of familiar, but I don’t know why -- that’s where I want to be."


Narrator: Katherine

Editor & Photographer: Nox

Transcriber: Amy

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