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Devin: It's funny how people think it feminine to paint your nails

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I've noticed Devin's nails when I first met him and finally got a chance to ask him about it. Here's what Devin had to say about his beloved nails.


“I often work a lot, so I always need to clean my nails. I usually try to get my nails done every few months, but I had never gotten a color before. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the place and I had an epiphany, The manicure included the color and I was paying for it anyway so I was like “throw some color on there.”

“It was weird for the first few days because you don’t realize how much you see your hands without seeing them. They were distracting for a few days, until it became normal for my fingers to have color."

“I actually really like having my nails painted. I was always having to clean my nails so they didn’t look gross. It’s actually less energy to keep up your nails with polish on.”

“The reactions I have been getting are very interesting. It's funny how a lot of men think painting your nails is feminine or super gay. But the truth is, I get a ton of compliments from women, that love that I have my nails done.

“Why people think it's feminine is because they have limited knowledge of history. Every fashion choice has been done over and over by both genders. High heels were invented by ancient Egyptian butcher who wore them so their feet wouldn’t be soaking in blood all day."

“If you have long enough picture of history, you would know that everyone has done everything. Every culture has been the oppressor and has been oppressed; every culture wore dresses or skirts.”

"Now when people see nails, they see only female. But the painting of nails was done by Greeks and Romans. They painted their nails with the blood of their enemies. That was a tradition to slaughter your enemy in the battlefield and then you paint nails with enemies' blood. That's not uniquely feminine or anything. That shows power and strength, and some crazy.

If people had a larger scope of history, they wouldn't be trapped into thinking of nails as feminine or gay."

"Actually, you know what, fuck it. Makes my life easier. I love my nails."


Narrator: Devin

Photographer & Editor: Nox

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