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"New Documentary Profiles America’s First Chinese American Female Mayor" | RadiiChina | Link to full article

"More than a testament to the inspiring story of Chen, 'Rocking the Boat: The Story of Lily Lee Chen' is also a moving collaboration between two Chinese women at very different points in their lives: Yang, a Chinese national in her early 20s and a fresh grad from an American college, and Chen, an accomplished Chinese American politician in her 80s..."

"UCLA Graduate's New Documentary Unpacks Anti-Asian Hate during COVID" | RadiiChina | Link to full article

"To say that COVID has changed our lives would be an understatement. For Nox Yang, an alumni of UCLA, Chinese international students are a subset of Asian communities in America who are overshadowed in public discourse. As a sociology major and film minor, she felt compelled to foreground them by making a documentary..."

"How — And Why — Academic Researchers Are Taking On Anti-Asian Hate" | NPR | Link to full article

"The rising hateful rhetoric during the pandemic against China, its citizens, and Chinese Americans shook Nox Yang, a UCLA undergraduate who came from China to study sociology in 2018. So she tapped into her network of Chinese international students across the United States and different parts of the world and asked people to share video of how they are coping with the pandemic in general, and hate speech in particular. She’s received dozens of replies.

“ ‘It’s the new Chinese Exclusion Act’: How a Trump order could hurt California universities” | Los Angeles Times | Link to full article

"Nox Yang, a sophomore from China who is studying sociology and film at UCLA, knows she won’t be directly affected by the order. But that doesn’t make her rest any easier. She said the new ban adds to mounting stress among Chinese students exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis. “When I came to the United States, I was imagining a country that is open, inclusive and welcoming, but I’m really disappointed.”

“US student visas: ‘A lot of people I know are scared for the future’ ” | BBC | Link to full article

"Messages flooded into an online group for Chinese students at UCLA after the visa change was announced this week...”

"Xenophobia: A Different Kind of Virus" | The Corsair | Link to full article

"Nox Yang, a film student at the University of California, Los Angeles, is taking a different approach when it comes to xenophobia. She is working on a documentary about the Chinese experience..."

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